Ubuntu Server 10.10 on Virtual PC under Win7

A while ago, I described how to get Ubuntu Server 9.10 to run Windows Virtual PC.

As it turned out though, the beasts were only tamed for a release or two. For Ubuntu Server 10.10 this guide needed an update, so here it is!

These are the steps required to get Ubuntu Server 10.10 to run on Windows Virtual PC under Windows 7.

For this to work you will need:

Ready? Let's go !

1. In the Virtual Machines folder, create a new VM. Before launching it, edit the settings to mount the Ubuntu ISO

2. Launch the VM and select your language.

3. Press F4 and select Install a minimum virtual machine

Mode select

4. Perform the installation all the way through.

5. After the reboot, in Grub, select the first entry and press "e" to edit it.

6. Add "noreplace-paravirt vga=771" (no quotes) before "quiet" on the second last line and press Ctrl+x  to boot

7. Log in and edit the file called "/etc/default/grub" as root. Change the line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="noreplace-paravirt vga=771 quiet"
8. Execute this command:
sudo update-grub
9. Reboot

10. Welcome to Ubuntu Server 10.10 under Virtual PC on Windows 7!

Login prompt



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