Continuous Delivery Talk at the Rheinjug (in German)

On Thursday I had the pleasure to go and present my Continuous Delivery talk (in German) at the rheinjug in Düsseldorf.

I really enjoyed my visit. The organisation was great, and it drew a large and interesting crowd. We had a great Q&A session, and the conversation continued for a few more hours around some fine beers at the social event.

I've made the slides of the talk available on slideshare:

The video is now online as well:

Thanks to everyone who came. I hope you enjoyed it. I sure did :-)



About Axel Fontaine

Axel Fontaine is the founder and CEO of Boxfuse the easiest way to deploy JVM and Node.js applications to AWS.

Axel is also the creator and project lead of Flyway, the open-source tool that makes database migration easy.

He is a Continuous Delivery and Immutable Infrastructure expert, a Java Champion, a JavaOne Rockstar and a regular speaker at many large international conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Jfokus, JavaZone, QCon, JAX, ...

You can follow him on Twitter at @axelfontaine


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