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Effective Database Migrations with Flyway

One day on-site training

One day of intensive Flyway instruction. We begin with a quick overview of what problems database migration tools set out to solve. We then quickly move into thorough coverage of everything from Flyway basics to topics like existing project integration, API and build tool plugins. We finally cover more advanced topics like effective test data management, backward compatible migrations and zero-downtime migrations.

This class comes with plenty of hands-on time with Flyway and will take you from complete newcomer status to Flyway competence, or from passing familiarity to Flyway and database migrations expertise.


This courses assumes a good understanding of the Java language, SQL and relational databases in general.

Format: Bring your own laptop


During the course of this day, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to database migrations
  • Installing Flyway
  • Flyway's core functionality and API
  • Ant, Maven and Command-line integration
  • Effective integration into new and existing projects
  • Advanced Flyway features
  • Test data management
  • Backward compatible migrations
  • Zero-downtime migrations